Sunday, 17 August 2014

What's this Space??

Well my guild mates had it that i should stop polluting the guild Facebook with Otoge, BL and all sorts of visual novels drivel.

So here it is. I'll put them here instead. Welcome to my space of happy ever after snippets of mostly otome and bl games that I've played or want to play.

I started getting in visual novel when E introduced me to Hakuokki. The beautiful presentation and masterful written story got me hooked.

Kinda like choose your own fairy tale ending.

Since then I've played a mixture of both BL and Otome games thanks to the aid of visual novel reader, aarin fantasy, fuwanovel and may other blog sites on the really wonderful community sharing visual novels.

There are lots of great review sites out there 4shiki, breadmaster lee, otome jikan to name a few.
I might add a few here and there. But I'm going to focus on the dialogue that really moves me.


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