Sunday, 17 August 2014

Kamigami no Asobi - Hades Romantic End 1 (Yui Looked Back)

I've tried end 2 first where she foolishly believed him and did not looked back... that was bittersweet and too sad T T. Fortunately this one is great. Just shows how much he really loves Yui. (HADES BANZAI!)
To understand this a little better. Hades is cursed by the grudge of the dead and misfortune follows him like a plague. Those he gets close to will inevitably get sucked into his bad luck. Therefore his ultimate show of love for Yui is to sacrifice his own happiness and set her free ... T T  Hades no baka. Our spunky heroine however have other ideas and true love conquers all!

Hades: you fool. I wanted to spare you from this eternal sorrow and darkness. Now you cannot return to the world of light.

Yui: I do not mind. I've decided that I wanted to be beside you.

Hades: I cannot force you to be unhappy. If this is your will I solemnly promise never to separate from you. Lets find happiness in this world of darkness.

Happiness may be fleeting in this myriad of unhappy events in hell. However I promise you that I will always fill your heart. In times of sickness, health, joy, and in sorrow we will comfort each other till death forces us apart.

I swear I will always love you.

Yui: I too swear to be with you forever

(Yui meant this because she is in the land of the dead and there is no one going to tear them apart.)

(insert breathless kissing)

Hades: I want to burn this love into my body so badly. I've always felt that something is lacking and  has never been filled. And Now I've obtained my other half. Now let's go my beautiful bride. I present you my eternal love.

He took me and began the long journey back to the netherworld. The land of the dead and the start of both our happiness.


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